Engineering & Architectural Department:

The Engineering & Architectural Department at Steenhof Building Services Group (SBSG) is managed by Jerry Slavish, MAATO. This team of certified design professionals has over 25 years of experience in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities throughout Ontario and other provinces in Canada. Steenhof Building Services Group is registered with Professional Engineers of Ontario and also has the following BCIN Certification disciplines:  Building Structural, Small Buildings, House, Building Services, Plumbing All Buildings, Complex Buildings, Large Buildings, HVAC House, Detection, Lighting and Power, and Plumbing House.

The Engineering and Architectural Department specializes in the following:

•  Custom Homes
•  Boathouse/Boat ports
•  Decks/Docks
•  Garages
•  Pole Barns
•  Location Plans
•  Site Plan Review
•  Shop Drawing Review
•  HVAC analysis and design
•  Plumbing Design
•  Building Additions
•  Structural Design and Review

All working drawings produced by SBSG are drawn in accordance with the latest version of the Building Code having jurisdiction in the subject location.

This department works with a large client base across Canada and the United States

SBSG utilizes a state of the art computer drafting technology and Revit software from Autodesk. Our knowledge of this program allows us to produce 3D parametric working drawings and renderings which allows each client to visualize the finished product. SBSG also utilizes Woodworks, Enercalc and STAAD Pro technologies to assist with structural analysis of construction components.

Solar Energy Department:

The Solar Energy Department of Steenhof Building Services Group (SBSG) is managed by Jack Steenhof, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. This department in conjunction with Field Services specializes in performing structural assessments of existing facilities that are interested in installing roof top solar equipment. Each facility is visited and documented using a Total Station and AutoCAD software. The Engineers in the Solar department utilize data from the site review and existing building drawings to determine if there is an excess structural capacity in the roof system. Once the capacity is determined, the engineers calculate the number of panels and kilowatts that may be installed on the roof top, taking into consideration, tilt angle, shadow areas, and miscellaneous roof top obstructions.

Steenhof Building Services Group has preformed these assessments for over 450 facilities in Ontario.

SBSG assists with the design and development of the racking systems to support several unique configurations of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules.

With the help of our partners and many products, we are working towards a variety of innovative solutions to continue creating a Green World.

Field Services Department:

The Field Services Department of Steenhof Building Services Group (SBSG) is managed by Jason DeVroom. Members of the Field Services Department are requested to visit a site by the contractor/client/township, and produce technical reports stating the issues, and proposed recommendations. With over a decade of experience in the field of construction, Jason has the ability to solve each issue with the most economical and timely solution. All reports are reviewed and sealed by a Professional Engineer, Jack Steenhof.

This department specializes in reviews of the following:

•  Re-bar Inspections
•  Foundation Reviews
•  Framing Reviews (Wall and Roof Top)
•  Grading Reviews
•  General Structural Reviews

Interior Design & Modular Department:

Steenhof Building Services Group has a full services Interior Design department, specializing in residential, commercial, restaurant & office design.  Our team members can assist you throughout your project with space planning, detail &millwork drawings, Interior detailing and finish selections.  Within SBSG we also offer the total package of architectural & structural drawings, for permit submission. Sr. Designer Meagan Hawkins, is a registered member of ARIDO (Association Registered Interior Designers of Ontario).   Steenhof Building Services Group has a thorough knowledge of the CAN/CSA A277-08 “Procedure for Factory Certification of Buildings”, CAN/CSA Z240 MH Series-92 “Mobile Homes” and CAN/CSA Z241 “Park Model Trailers” standards for modular and manufactured design of housing. Our firm has assisted over twenty-five companies from the United States and China, to attain CSA certification of their manufacturing plants and model working drawings.  SBSG maintains a close relationship with CSA to be able to offer our clients the most up to date code & certification information. The following services are provided to housing manufacturers:

•  Preliminary Plant Audit of Technical Conformance for CSA Certification of US/International Housing Manufacturers
•  On-going consulting throughout process for export of models to Canada
•  Assistance and Review of Quality Control & Testing Procedures, Model & DAPIA Reviews for all Provinces
•  Provincial Building Code Review, Transportation & Permit Information, as well as Heat Loss Analysis of Structure.
•  Structural Engineering for single, multi-family residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

Jack Steenhof, M.A.Sc. P. Eng. – Principle, Sr. Structural Engineer

Jack Steenhof is the principle owner of Steenhof Building Services Group. Jack has been a professional engineer for over 25 years, and has been practicing in the Orillia location for the past 10 years. Jack has earned his Masters of Applied Science in Structural Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is registered as a Professional Engineer in the Province of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Yukon Territory. Jack enjoys serving the residential, commercial, retail and institutional sectors, building strong relationships with contractors and clients. Jack’s leadership stems from building on past experiences and continuously embracing change to keep up with the current market. His expertise and core values of integrity allow him to constantly think outside the box, and execute new ideas and innovative ways to help Steenhof Building Services Group to succeed.


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