Using Revit for Fabrication Drawings

One of the things I found a little tricky with Revit is controlling the visibility of parts when doing a fabrication set of drawings, today I had a little breakthrough though, it’s simple really but it just eluded me.  The key is naming your inplace families correctly.  When I do a fabrication element I prefer to use inplace models as I find them easier to control to a fabrication level of accuracy (and it makes it harder for someone else to mess up on me!)  I’ll create an inplace family of one extrusion only as I want to be able to isolate individuals & like everything in Revit proper naming is key.

First create an inplace family, choose an appropriate category & name it (fig.1).  In this case I’m doing a canopy frame so I chose a generic model and called it canopy brace 1.  Model the element.  When copied the number will automatically increase.  Finish the inplace model and go to the project browser & rename the type to be a part number (fig.2).  I created a material take-off just to help me identify the individual parts, but it’s not necessary I just find it a good way to keep my parts organized.  By creating a unique material for the fabricated elements I can add a material comment and once that is done it is a simple matter of applying a filter to isolate them in the schedule.

Using a visibility graphics filter it is now an easy matter to control a view by a specific part name (fig.3).

01  fig.1

02  fig. 2

03  fig. 3

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  1. This will need revising to utilize Revit 2012’s Assemblies feature

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