Model Techniques

Entry Feature, Wall & Sign from CAD Reference


This is an outline of my method of creating an entry wall sign, you may model it differently this is just one method.  This post begins as an outline only & as we do the Lunch & Learn session I’ll add the sub-steps required but I thought I’d get it started in case anyone wants to take a shot at it early.  As with many other little model projects I thought this was straightforward but as I got into it I realized that it covers quite a bit of modelling techniques.

As this is a site specific family the only parametrics we’ll include are for the materials & the text, we won’t need to resize any of the elements.

The files for this are located:

X:\….Revit Library\Revit Lunch & Learn\Lessons\1. Modelling\Entry Feature, Wall Sign

  1. Start a new model using the appropriate template file.
  2. Setup a virtual model studio by importing & aligning all your CAD or other reference images.
  3. As this is a symmetrical design we’ll fully model half then mirror & join the other side.  Model one post & capital, remove the planar constraints.  Copy, rotate & adjust the height of the adjacent post.
  4. Model half the wall & cap.  Add the sign frame & a backing.
  5. Before the mirror operation we’ll add some parameters to control the materials.
  6. Mirror all the elements (not the sign of course).  Join the wall halves. Join the cap halves.
  7. Set the active work plane to the sign backing face & add the parametric 3D text.
  8. Remove CAD references & save final version.
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