Vasari for Solar Array Placements

The intent of Vasari is to create massing models.  These can be used for energy, solar / shade & floor area analysis & investigations.

Vasari is the mass model environment of Revit, don’t mistake it as a program other than Revit, it is Revit: it reads & saves .rvt, .rfa & .rte files.  It’s Revit’s modeling on ‘roids with energy & solar analysis added in.  If you can run Revit’s family editor or create in-place families you will feel right at home in Vasari.  In fact if you are comfortable using Max or AutoCAD to create 3D then you should be able to master Vasari very quickly.

At this point Vasari is a free stand alone exe file.  It reads & writes Revit files so be careful to not overwrite a project file!  You will want to create a copy of the .exe on your local machine rather that accessing it over a network.  When you start it up it provides a series of learning videos to help you get up to speed.

Note that when you open Vasari you will find yourself in a new in-place mass ready to start modelling as it is assumed that is why you started the program in the first place, depending on your project you may want to initially cancel that first mass model, this is ok.

Solar Analysis of a Ground Mounted Solar Array

  1. In Revit
    1. Create a project file with a topo element & save.
  2. In Vasari
    1. Open the project file.  Don’t worry about the warning dialog about losing Revit functionality.  From the application menu, load the solar array family to be used
    2. Start a new mass and insert the solar model component deployed as required
    3. Finish the mass family
    4. On the analyze tab select solar radiation
    5. Set the sun study site location first
    6. Click theCapture button to select the mass faces to analyze & click it again to finish and analyze those faces
    7. Adjust the layout as required & save.
  3. Back in Revit
    1. Open the project file & ensure massing is turned on in the viewports
    2. Use the mass elements as locators to create any contract document required.
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